24-10-19 Twins: Dr. Nikos

Thursday October 24th 20191

8 months after treatment, we surprise visit our fertility doctor Dr. Nikos with our twins! We all hugged, kissed, talked, ate and the entire clinic was buzzing. His large number of nurses and embryologists carried the babies about. We met 3 couples undergoing fertility treatment today two from Australia! They all cuddled the babies and we sprinkled baby dust around.

For lunch we travel by tram and foot to Θεία Μαρίνα. Kids eat yoghurt. We eat pie.

In the afternoon Gaga met the babies! Their first time meeting my Glasgow beauty who dressed my bump last year. The weather is unseasonally warm, sunny, not a cloud in the Greek sky. We swim in her hotel pool (Fresh) in Athens Keanu stripping right off while Elektra enjoys the view of the Acropolis. We’re all now in the mountains, in an extraordinary 3 bedroom airbnb with sweeping views of the Saronic Gulf.