27-01-18 Oz Day 6

Saturday 27th January 2018

Who would have thought Coogee Beach would be packed at 8:30am…but it is! I don’t even recall getting down here this early before but now that cousin Tilly is coming to the East we’ll do anything to meet up. And that includes waking with the birds. And most shocking of all is that we’re on time though from excitement Kingsley needs to go to the loo right now and the loos located 100 meters up and 200 meters down are too far away so under a bottle brush tree across from the SLSC he goes.

Uncle Jimmy is the hero for jump in the rockpool first and taking the kiddo in with him. I get to put Tilly’s feet in the water then kiss her cheeks a thousand times. Next it’s up to the playground for more funnies but this time the cousins cuddle and best of all Tilly crawls all over him, to which he tells me ‘I liked that!’ We nibble on apple till Kingsley runs away and Tilly turns her stuffed wee face; no more.

Farewelling aunty Mika I see Kingsley give her a kiss. Finally. Off to our adventures through the coast of South Coogee the sure-footed wee goat Kingsley is. Been climbing cliff faces for years now from Coogee to Saronitha and Dubai in between. By the early afternoon we’re with Litsa & Stan on the beach talking bad parenting as their 2 year old gets rolled on the sand by Kingsley who’s not prepared to give up his spade.

Our Brook Street neighbours John & Brigette then have us over to play with their new puppets. I’m mortified at how sandy we are. We leave a trail throughout their home. What a full day 6 in Oz. Little wonder that Kingsley passed out while it was still light outside. A first.