12-08-19 Kingsley: Back-to-Back Jiu-jitsu

Monday 12th August 2019

Again Kingsley takes back-to-back jiu-jitsu classes this time however I didn’t persuade him; he straight out informs me right after finishing his training with the 5 year olds, that he’d like to take the next class ‘with the big kids’.

His mate Marius – wearing his grey belt – has arrived ready for the big kids class. It is to this one Kingsley is more and more aspiring to excel at. So of course I agree; it is among the bigger, stronger kids that Kingsley will learn to apply the skills he’s learned.

In fact even with these 20 plus students in the big kids class Kingsley gets personalised coaching from Sensai Raf: Marius and Kingsley spar, Raf overseeing the fight. Both boys are grey belts, both strong and determined to submit the other. But best of all they’re great mates. After their fight both jump up, reach for water then plop down next to each other panting, to watch the white belts have it out.

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