28-08-18 Palàīa Fokaia AGAIN

Tuesday 28th August 2018

Half our day is lazy spent in the apartment and we’re fine with that: eating eggs, toast, playing games and completing puzzles. But the highlight of our morning is speaking with Erroll who is making his way to Sydney Airport soon with a ticket to Dubai. He’s scheduled to arrive in Athens on Thursday with a ball Kingsley has asked him to bring.

At 2pm its on board the 123 bus service bound for Anavyssos. I’m hanging for a swim. My belly feels odd. Plus I need to wee. We’re 15 weeks after all! Kingsley wants to go immediately to Palàīa Fokaia playground but I discover something he really enjoys today…laying under a beach umbrella on lounges. New! He is lapping up the luxury…and its 2 hours of chill / swimming / playing racket ball before he remembers the playground so off we go via Plaza Hotel for our wash. As usual.

At the playground he makes friends immediately with two blonde blue-eyed sisters from Saronida aged 6.5 and 10. He asks me to help him approach them (as they swung on the swings) to ask whether they’d like to play together. I’m quietly super proud that the child is conscience enough of others’ space that he understands asking permission to approach is the right thing to do.

Of course these well-bred young ladies invite him in, and before we know it the younger girl has claimed the energetic Kingsley as her personal playmate.

We celebrate yet another fantastic afternoon out and about our peninsula  meeting new friends with a icecream from the περίπτερο! Home at 8:30. Asleep by 9:30.