25-09-17 Going Rogue

Monday 25th September 2017

There is no resting after school. Our routine at bus drop-off: dirty shoes, socks and clothes off. Immediately. Right there on the curb. Next a bottle of milk goes down Kingsley’s throat as I dress him in his adventure gear (boardies & dreaded Crocs). He’s starving at this stage so a banana easily gets devoured. The two of us now are set to explore Saronītha. This afternoon we trek to find a shady park. Here Kingsley goes rogue among the pine trees. We play ‘catch’ and he redefines what a 3.5 year old can do with an athletic little bod: up and down the rides with no fear.

Meanwhile he’s fed an apple…and I get to sit for a moment on the park bench. I let the feral one run riot; we’re all alone and so think nothing of singing loudly his (ours!) fave tv show song Little Einsteins. He’s pooped, then needs to poo!! Under a tree near the boundary among the thorny bush. The kiddo is washed and dried and re-clothed then off to play some more. He enjoys JiaJia Dora’s just-baked cookies (3: a tree, a boat, a car) then we’re off to Park No. 2 till 6:30pm. Here he plays with Pavlīna and a bunch of other kiddies, gets fed another banana (that’s 3 for the day) and cries when its time to go home.