09-02-21 Kingsley: Swim School

Tuesday 9th February 2021

My first attempt to take Kingsley and Keanu (my Plus 1) into swim school after school and of course a play at Baker Park. Sure enough his two buddies Jensen and Theo are climbing the structure. As soon as they saw Kingsley they yell out to him to come ON and in he dives, into their mysterious game of tip, you’re in. Keanu beans at the big boys.

Of course I stuff Kingsley with yoghurt and hot buttered pasta before the park so it was inevitable that he has to go to the toilet immediately. He and I run and make it. Thinking he and I could leisurely walk back to the group Kingsley runs back! He is definitely more into his buddies than his mum.

Swimming is fun to watch notbbecause Kingsley has a magnificent stroke but more because he likes to tumble turn, a trick I never learnt. His stroke and breathing is lousy but gee he has fun tumble turning!