13-07-17 Wafi with Friends

Thursday 13th July 2017

In a bid for us Dubai best buddy mummas to finally see one another, Camilla, Rio and I drag our four kiddies out to the faux Ancient Egyptian city called Wafi City. Here inside safely away from moving vehicles the eldest three run riot. They yell loudly, barge into shop front mannequins, destroy installations and begin endless arguments between themselves. Kingsley wants the company of Layla at a particular pinball game at the arcade; Layla’s not interested on moving from her own attraction. A loud tousle ensues. Maya wants to press the button on the Hello Kitty ride; so does Kingsley. The same bloody button. Head banging begins. Over lunch (hot chips; what else) we have three meltdowns over the use of a digital device. At least all three mouths were open so stuffing chips down their throats was easy.