10-12-19 Kingsley: Playdate with Isaac

Tuesday 10th December 2019

Talk about major highs and lows: today we’re told that at school Kingsley lobbed chess pieces at other kids and for the third week in a row, scribbled over group work. For the first time in his kindy cateer, Kingsley was marched to Mr. Townsend’s office. Here he was read the riot act: if you seriously misbehave again Kingsley there will be very serious consequences.

And he knows how serious it can get: James from Miss Seltin’s class must repeat kindy!

If it wasn’t for a prearranged Playdate with Isaac Erroll would’ve brought Linus straight home. So the boys let off steam at the beach and on our trampoline. For hours, only stopping for milk and chocolate cake. Oh, and to examine and dress Isaac’s near broken toe which was the unfortunate target when Kingsley slammed a door. No broken bones and friendship stronger than ever.

Playdate with Isaac #2 next week!