23-10-17 Sent Home Sick

Monday 23rd October 2017

A surprise first: Dorōtheos is sent home sick. It happened today at 11:30 while I was in Athens walking through the botanic gardens: a phone call from Miss Sophia. She was tending to Kingsley who developed a temperature. They called the school paediatrician who examined him as well as the rest of Miss Xrisoüla’s class full of kids, and declared them free of measles. But that high temperature and heavy cough must go home.

Home sick watching Nickelodeon

And so home he comes in Mr. Vasìli’s school bus. JiaJia Dora brings him in, warms him up with socks and trackies, feeds him freshly made french fries and turns on Nickelodeon. I come home a couple hours later and all of a sudden the boob monster rears his head…