Kingsley: Check-Up

Sunday 1st June 2014, Dubai Mall Medical Center

It seems as though we are forever seeing a doctor. Only a fortnight ago we were at the pediatric cardiologist to check Kingsley for a heart murmur (negative), and today at 6 days shy of his turning 6 months of age, we are at his pediatrician to check on his progress before he receives his vaccinations.

Today’s readings: Weight: 7.69kg; Height: 67cm

According to the charts, Kingsley is tracking along the “normal” curves. Just right where he should be. I still worry that he gets enough breast milk, because he is not a chubby, fat, round and dimpled baby. He is solid and (to me) heavy, especially when he is oppositional and flings his stiff body about, but in reality there is not much fat on him.

Kingsley strong, alert and curious.

Kingsley strong, alert and curious.

So I breastfeed with abandon. I offer the breast constantly even when the boy seems full. I don’t ever want to return to the early days of our breastfeeding relationship when I would wince and pull away each time my screaming, starving, hysterical newborn lurched toward me with his pincer-like latch. They were not good days…

Fast forward to now, I yearn for King to be at my breast. I daydream during work hours about me and King laying in bed, he dreamily suckling away, and me looking down onto his round cheeks. Even his hair has grown of late!

Stop worrying for naught, says Kingsley’s doctor. This child thrives, he announces. This check-up has been a success. Onwards we go for vaccinations now.



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