05-05-20 Kingsley: Mumma Takes Kingsley to School

Tuesday 5th May 2020

By the time 9am beckons Kingsley into school grounds I have run a 3 hour marathon in sprint pace. Absolutely manic and crazy tending to three starving undressed kids in the early hours of a day. I’d rather be sleeping in but in truth I adore fussing over my special first born: feeding him all manner of nutritious food before his brain even registers its full.

As such Kingsley this morning receives a glass of milk, a banana, cheese toasted sandwich, a slab of παστίτσιο, an apple and a yoghurt. He’s ready for our kilometre walk to school and we do so talking to one another (so rare its just the two of us!) and counting down the meters we walk all the way to the school gate.