01-02-18 Kingsley: Pizza

Thursday 1st February 2018

While Mummà snuck out the back door to meet Zoe Pavy for lunch, Kingsley and JiaJia’s day saw them shopping for groceries and taking a long walk around Coogee Beach. I’m home by 4pm calling out ‘NiNii; NINIĪ! ‘ from the back door. Kingsley hears me way before JiaJia does. He hollers to his JiaJia to open the door; mummà has arrived!

Its an hour turn around before we’re out again in which time he eats his two eggs, two bananas and toast. We hit Bardon Park on his balance bike, kick the ball around and climb the raised roots of our local morton bay fig trees.

He’s not shy, asking a kiddo who’s there with his dad and cavoodle, to play. Auden has just started kindy at Randwick Public and is a keen soccer player. Twenty-five minutes of non-stop running after the ball / each other / various dogs till they spot the bubbler and its all over; Kingsley’s in the doggy bowl up to his shins. Sopping.

From excitement Kingsley fertilizes a morton bay tree, goes barefoot and cosies up to two youth and their pupper Winston till night falls. He tells them how he sustained a cut on his ankle, they engaged him with genuine affection, Winston fetched his stick then we rode home barefoot. Pizza for dinner gets demolished.