10-06-20 Kingsley: A Request

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Last night Linus set me straight: be home mumma when I get home from school. I want you home when I’m here. I don’t want you out at night late with the bebes. When I get home I want you here. Okay? No more out at night. Okay mumma?

Okay darling. And sure enough when Erroll brought him home (with his Award for Safe and Respectful Learning care of Miss Sanzari and Mr Townsend) I was here. And boy did I receive hugs and kisses from my big boy.

We read books, wrestled on γιαγια’ς pink velour bed, played aeroplanes (he’s getting so big and lanky!) and of course watched Netflix. At night we read Winter’s Child, eat pasta, brush teeth, wash hands for 20 seconds and promise to be home again tomorrow.