27-07-17 Playdate with Ruth

Thursday 27th July 2017

Ruth is in a very peculiar mood when we meet up with her inside Rolex Tower at 5:30pm. She most definitely wants to play with Kingsley…but the play must be on her terms. Its okay; we’re used to that. In fact Kingsley is sort of humored by her extreme emotional states (being a boy he doesn’t get it, but goes along with it) so this afternoon’s breakdown Kingsley watches with mild curiosity asking me on the quiet whether we will finally go play.

We do finally go play but its not what was planned. We go upstairs to the Ames apartment, we must wait for Fran to come home early from work (as for some reason Ruth insists on her mum today), we are play a little while in the living room with her lines-up stuffed toys, and when Ruth is ready all of us (including James in the carrier) head out for ice cream and a play at our neighbourhood park.

Here we play chase: Fran and I alternate on being the mumma shark, then the daddy shark, then the baby shark, then the grampa shark. We are all sweating by 6:30 and walk home drenched. Relief comes in the form of a swim. Hours of swimming in fact when Erroll joins us after his run. The boys do laps and once again Kingsley impresses us with a solid 25 meter swim unaided by floatation devices nor a helping hand by his thrilled parents.