29-03-21 Kingsley: Gymnastics

Monday 29th March 2021

Linus rides in an Uber for the first time and loves it! We’re in a black leather interior Santa Fe en route to Randwick to pick Elektra up from Platinum. The boot is stuffed with pram, icecreams for the kiddies and crackers for me. Kingsley is buzzing after this his final gymnastics session for Term 1 and proudly shows me his certificate. Excellence on the pommel! The rings and high bar too! For all of his achievements I commend him but nought more than the manner in which he greets his baby sister at daycare this afternoon at 5:30pm. Running and collapsing into each other’s arms! Elektra squealing in delight the instant she spot him; Kingsley beaming ear to ear for the love he holds for “Elenk”. We three walk home on this warm Autumn evening nothing but good tidings between us, Kingsley every now and again whispering how he loves me. Me to him ‘don’t ever leave me’. He to me ‘but that’ll be impossible mum!’. Me to him ‘okay okay then you call me 12 times a day’. MUM!! He giggles.