17-05-16 Pebbles

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Our first sleep in Saronîtha. And as I remember from past stays, my back still aches from the fold out bed. When K rises at 7:30am I am not impressed- so down we go again till 8:30, then Greek Nickelodeon, breakfast of yoghurt, two eggs (he ain’t liking the whites these days) and Kalamáta olives while I Jiff the pigeon-poo stacked balcony. It sparkles now! And it’s now time for adventures. Today Kingsley does a wee on the pebbles of a tiny beach we find to play pebble-throwing in the Saronic Gulf.

Mum calls on her mobile! Then lunch of veal sausage and mandarin (him), Greek yoghurt, paximáthia & tomato & olives, mandarin. Nap for two hours, though K receives 3 hours kip. And once up he gets buttery toast out on our balcony. We finally leave the house at 8pm for a walk and to play with Maria and Gabriella the little Albanian girls. I am still excited to hop onto the cafe’s wifi!! Sleep by 10:30pm.

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