11-01-21 Kingsley: Aerial Arts

Monday 11th January 2021

I continue the push for reading, since Kingsley wishes to play app games the condition is to read. Today’s reading includes Dogman ‘For whom the ball rolls’ and this cute Word Doctor book easy as pie but motivating. Erroll bought Linus his next Dogman in the series after jiu-jitsu this evening and I find them both in the driveway Erroll parking and Kingsley reading. So pleased! I truly thought Kingsley would be watching a show on Erroll’s phone. Pleasantly surprised.

In the morning I wake to Erroll and Kingsley already gone. Today’s Linus’ first session of circus aerial arts – first of 4 – in which he learns a bit of trapeze! As the only boy in a class of girls he told his dad he felt wierd especially at the end near 12noon as the class was stretching, Kingsley was hiding!

To me however on our afternoon walk he tells me that he liked the trapeze ‘but it wasn’t circus. Circus means watching the circus…’