17-04-17 Easter Monday Fishing

Monday 17th April 2017

A day off from preschool so two mummas and our babies head to the beach for some rock exploring. Joining us was a lovely mum from Glifătha and her three boys under 5 as well as an older lady sucking hard on a vape. The older woman was nervously pulling one boy after the other from supposed danger (the edge, rocks, waves, anything it seemed!)

Ends up the fabulous mum from Glifătha wont leave the house with her three wild boys without being accompanied by another adult. Hence her (gittery) MIL in tow today. None of the boys listened to any of us adults when we asked them not to throw LARGE rocks onto the sea/at eaxh other but were thrilled to learn a new skill: how to fish from the wharf. Using green tree branches our five boys caught thousands of tasty fish. An hour of bliss where us adults actually chatted followed on..until the wheels fell off our carefully crafted fishing plan when they started whacking each other with the bendy green tree branches.

By 3pm we called it a day and promised to reunite tomorrow for more fishing from the Saronītha wharf.