30-06-19 Twins: Big Bro Competes

Sunday 30th June 2019

Another minor miracle getting out of the house by 8am and having dressed/fed/bathed three kids as well as pack a day’s worth of provisions all so ww as a family can be part of Kingsley’s first jiu-jitsu tournament.

The babies were incredibly well behaved/smiley/easy going; they always  are seeming to appreciate getting out of the house moreso than being left on the swing watching bad Greek tv in γιαγιά’s oven-baked bedroom.

At the comp Elektra got a feed, then a bath then a nap all the while Erroll carried a very sweet and content Keanu around the mats. Julie Davis meets us at the venue (Sydney Uni), and takes over baby duties while I turn into Sideline Screeching Mum as Kingsley fights his first.

I’m a wreck watching my eldest turning red in a chokehold and worse, seeing his arm almost snap as the 7 year old opponent applies moves I didn’t think were legal in their category.