15-03-19 Kingsley: Roosters

Friday 15th March 2019

Your first football game! So excited this entire week you’ve even told random school kids at the bus shelter about Friday night – tonight! – that you’ll be watching the Roosters game with daddy at the stadium.

And its come up – your first game.  So daddy dresses you warm, and I feed you your dinner early (eggs sunny side up plus lasagne), read two ‘readers’ for homework, rote learn your ‘doubles’ for maths, pack your bag then send you guys off to catch the 374 bus to Moore Park.

Well darling child you last all of 15 minutes! Tired and cold you’re falling asleep on the seats!

Both of you are back home now narrowly missing the storm. Roosters lost to the Rabbitohs so a most ordinary first game of the season. But not am ordinary ebd to your night: after a glass of milk you’re cuddling up with daddy and already passed out in your warm bed