30-11-19 Twins: Corn Thins

Saturday 30th November 2019

Nowadays everywhere I take the babies I also take a bag full of meals and snacks for the twins are in a growth spurt that  seems never ending. These kids eat.

For Saturday’s breakfast they get chicken vegetables and pasta, followed by yoghurt. Always yoghurt. And enjoyed al fresco on the balcony.

We walk for hours thereafter heading to Queens Park where Erroll and Linus meet us. The babies sleep soundly. And if one wakes I jiggle the pram walking at a clip. They pass out again.

Our picnic lunch today and from here on in will include corn thins. Even with just two choppers each these kids demolish a packet. Pigeons at the playground are beneficiaries of corn crumbs, both babies grunting and squealing from the joy of seeing beaks peck.