07-10-20 Kingsley: Phone Games

Wednesday 7th September 2020

Your desire to play games on my phone reaches hysterical heights today as I must leave the house with daddy to shop at IKEA you lose your marbles then calm down when Γιαγιά says she’ll look after you. And sure enough you do chill out and calmly even willingly stay at home with her for hours. I wonder how it happens; you’re not calling me every 5 minutes asking me to return or ‘where is that other phone?’ (meaning my prehistoric Samsung). Well I figure it out when we dash home to fetch you for jiu-jitsu: you located ‘that other phone’. You found the Samsung! And downloaded are afew games which don’t require WiFi. No wonder you complacently stayed with Γιαγιά and are bowl after bowl of spaghetti!