28-05-19 Twins: Keanu’s Turn

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Its usually Elektra who bellows the loudest for a walk. But today after a long session at the boob she passed out and thus paved the way for little bro Keanu to have his turn in the Ergobaby. All cosy pressed up against me and not a squeak heard, Keanu accompanies me to fetch Linus from school, catch the bus, go for a play at Bondi Junction, then drop him off at jiu-jitsu.

My dreamboat baby nary makes a sound even when hungry. He’s divine this tiny premie who is now strong and sweet. Got his feed in of coursework at Westfields opposite Woolies. Here we lock eyes and my darling Keanu smiles his precious gummy smile – always in the shape of an ‘O’ – then coo’s…then I go potty over him.