08-08-20 Twins: Secret Code

Saturday 8th August 2020

At one and a half years of age the babies enjoy knowing they come as a team. I often hear them giggle at each other, or one chases the other down, or one pretends to give say a toy to the other only to cheekily take it away again. Most days they crack up at each other. Every day however Elektra pulls Keanu’s hair so hard strands come away or bites his hand leaving tooth marks! After much crying (him) and staring into space (her) they resume their secret play. She’s so bossy. He’s so forgiving.

Today was meant to be raining certainly not a day to be walking for hours. However the weather had other ideas which meant we three could walk to Bondi and shop, eat, play, change outfits and wait for daddy to drive us home. Neither kiddies wanted to get in the vehicle straight from the buggy. I explained to Erroll they must stretch their legs. So we locate a park and let them toddle about  they of course finding their way to the playground gates but the ticket officer had other ideas so off we go home at least the babies having been run like horses.

By 6:15pm each baby is cradled to sleep. And a blessed 12 hours of rest awaits them.