Good Food Diet, Day 1: 7Feb13

You know that they say – have 5 pieces of fruit per day, eat moderately, choose fresh, seasonal produce, add some protein, load up on greens and try to avoid over processed packaged foods. Well, today begins my experiment with myself, my will power, my belly and my taste buds.

Fruit Medley: f/4; 1/320sec; ISO-400

Fruit Medley: f/4; 1/320sec; ISO-400

For today I begin a health kick! You see, for the next wee while, my Sattvic Self has requested it be satisfied with goodness. Lets see how I went with day 1…

What I fuelled my brain, blood and bones with today:

1  x Beur pear (86 cal)

1 x Granny Smith apple (116 cal)

1 x Small red apple (100 cal)

1 x Small Golden Delicious apple (100 cal)

1 x 200 gram tub low fat natural yoghurt (154 cal)

1/2 Pomegranate (100 cal)

1/2 Banana (100 cal)

Large Salad: tomato (33 cal), lettuce (15 cal), cucumber (15 cal), onion (60) (total 123 cal)

3 stewed beetroots (88 cal)

450 grams Fava beans (450 cal)

100 grams Gluten Free Seaweed Crackers (363 cal)

Endless mugs of caffeine free tea

Now, to the mathematical equation:

Calories (kj) consumed =1780 cal (7453 kj)

Aim is to consume less than 2000 cal (8375 kj) per day. This I did, and all in the name of health. Burp!


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