Kingsley: Birthdays

7th December 2013

Kingsley met his Paw-Paw and Granna in Nashville during the December of 2014 and celebrated his first birthday among his kin – six cousins, countless aunties, uncle Bill and great-grandma Bonnie. We arrived in Nashville the day before his first birthday, and his Paw-Paw arranged cake and pressies to be opened the very day of the child turning one, much to his delight. Not yet walking with confidence when we arrived, Kingsley became a sensation when he learned to go backwards down the kitchen step and learned to cruise along the furniture of the den.

For his second birthday the Hartleys flew to Sydney. Here at the Tzannetis family home, a group of cousins and aunties, uncles, cousins and girlfriends gathered to watch as Kingsley cut not one but two cakes: Peppa Pig and Minions. The next day, our friends the Conte’s hosted a BBQ in honour of the child and among so many little kiddies he cut more cake and opened even more pressies. From Sydney we flew to Dubai then onto Nashville with final destination Orlando for the big surprise: Disney World for Kingsley’s birthday.

Kingsley’s third birthday is spend at 40,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean aboard EK 220 returning to Dubai from Orlando’s Disney World. Yes, we took our son to the wonderful world of Disney for Kingsley’s celebration and in fact both father and son were given commemorative Mickey Mouse pins from a cast member.

2nd birthday party among family at Coogee

2nd birthday spent among friends at Julia & John Conte’s home

3rd Birthday Party on EK 220 from Orlando to Dubai