18-05-17 Athens to Dubai

Thursday 18th May 2017

Our final day officially on holidays is spent in the air among attentive cabin crew and fellow passengers. Erroll’s Purser mate, Mohammed, gives us the royal treatment on board bringing us fresh fruit and Evian water.

Even though I wished it with all my heart it still surprised me when Kingsley a) asked to be put to bed, and b) easily and quickly fell asleep on our seats. How on earth will he be able to sleep I fretted as he watched CeeBeeBees. No boob is the rule and has been for 8 weeks now. And last time we flew (going to Athens) was fresh hell for me, Kingsley and our fellow passengers: Kingsley just couldn’t sleep without boob. So I was nervous about today’s flight.

But I needn’t have been! For once Kingsley got comfy in the nest of 5 blankets and 6 pillows then spread out over our four seats all he asked for was kisses and for me to lay next to him. Not even a back rub was required! Lights out till landing.