29-10-18 Rat

Monday 29th October 2018

I’m out of the house early hours to get to my appointment at the hospital leaving Kingsley passed out in bed. Dorothĕa comes in purring heavily, seductively with big black irises, hops on the bed and keeps his feet warm. Little do we know that she just killed a rat and left it at the back door; her gift to us.

By noon I’m back though don’t disturb the laugh-a-minute bonding between JiaJia and child. He demands cuddles and sing-songs. They’re watching lame Greek game shows though he won’t allow her to actually watch; jumping on her head and back while she faux reprimands him. They continue singing as I walk round the back to look for the dead rat.

Afternoon in the backyard is all light and bright. We spend it searching through our ‘Allied Pickford’ cargo boxes for toys. At one point the child hollers I’m hungry! and its a race to boil shell pasta before Kingsley gets too hangry.

He doesn’t see his daddy tonight; Erroll comes home late and Kingsley easily, readily goes to bed early without a struggle. All he asks for is one book. Tonight its ‘If you ever think of bringing an Alligator to school, DON’T!’