30-03-20 Kingsley: Last 1S Student

Monday 30th March 2020

We ship Kingsley off to school this his second last week before Autumn holidays begin not that we can go anywhere but small blessings: Erroll will be here, I won’t be sending Kingsley off to costly camp, he’ll learn to ride his bike, money I don’t have I won’t be spending.

He’s the only student left attending Miss Sanzari’s 1st grade classroom the rest at home being supervised by parents. This afternoon while they were shooting hoops he told Erroll that Miss Sanzari said ‘yiu should be staying home Kingsley, its safer there’.

But the child loves attending school and his two good buddies are going too: Isaac and Lachie Shepherd so playtime is fun and I can tell it is because none of his lunch was touched save for a quarter of his melted cheese sandwich.

Pandemic in numbers: