04-07-20 Kingsley: Books for Breakfast

Saturday 4 July 2020

Its been a rule in our house for months now: every morning Kingsley must consume three books for breakfast before he can watch a movie. He readily reads now though prefers the easier books (least pages; bigger font; minimal words per page; huge illustrations) but I challenge him and proudly praise his reading whenever he chooses a wordier tome.

After a few mornings reading the same book that book gets archived up high in my wardrobe giving way to newer books he can then (usually reluctantly) choose. Recently Miss Elektra has been joining him to read as well, choosing Hairy McLarie or Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes or Mr Men books. Today its a Disney one. The kids drink milk, read together then rumble.

Keanu wobbles in and out wishing me good morning and clamouring up the bed for his own cuddles and books.