09-07-20 Elektra: Potty Training

Thursday 9th July 2020

Today’s activity is actually the second time the twins have done this and that is to attend the church service of a dear friend’s dad’s funeral. Julia’s dad Pietro passed away in his sleep peaceful and warm at home with his wife near him. Today the babies accompanied us while Kingsley was a gym camp, and they behaved impeccably, coping so well with the 2.5 hour service. All they did was sing, coo, smile, giggle, chatter away and drink milk in the pew.

Erroll and I swapped babies mid service as Elektra was giving my arm stiff muscles, and Keanu couldn’t be contained in Erroll’s embrace. Both babies settled into the other parents arms easily and the congregation smiled back at them.

Afterwards we head back home after some lunch of mum’s σπανακόπιτα and Coon cheese slices taken in the church grounds. A smart move to feed them lunch because they pass out driving to the east. Two hours they sleep!

By the time they wake its toilet time. Elektra we’re potty training so as soon as I heard her tell tale sounds wincing and grunting and holding on to a wall I knew its time to poo. Like a champ she waits till I’ve got her on the loo! Keanu’s another story, not minding one jot if he’s pood his pants; play will not cease.