16-05-20 Twins: The Terrigal Pavys Visit

Saturday 16th May 2020

We’re all out driving in an attempt to nap the wild terrors when Zoe and Lawson Pavy turn up all the way from Terrigal for lunch. Elektra is up, Keanu is finally asleep and remains so in the car while Lawson meets for the first time and gets to know Miss Elektra.

She’s standing, leaning on the couch watching how her big brother and this giant of a 17 year old play with toys. She’s quiet (so rare!), observing the fun then by stealth moves along the furniture to get closer to the living room. And it starts: clutching the door, crying and distress-calling; she’s doing a poo in her nappy and hates every second of it.

Keanu finally wakes, our big koala, and straight into Lawson’s arms for snapchat selfies along with the cat. Dorothea is unmoved, Keanu remains in shock at how our home is overrun with other people! Then the lower lip starts to wobble…then oh so quietly he whimpers; our baby is freaking out. Nothing that a big squishy hug from Mumma can’t fix.