23-05-20 Kingsley: Netflix

Saturday 23rd May 2020

A day mostly spent with γιαγια as I’m fully loaded with your two siblings though we do get out of the house together all four of us, a trip to the small playground our destinations before the rain sets in, you must rush home for a poo and while daddy’s at work flying to Melbourne today.

The bloody Ipad, Netflix, my old Samsung and my current phone are the only objects you desire these days. You come to me with various propositions and attempt to negotiate with me in order to be granted screen time access. Things like ‘if I read three books can I watch Netflix?’ and ‘if I complete three maths pages can I play games?’.

Often your frustrations are through the roof, getting very mad with me for not letting you play games on the phone. How many days till school holidays you ask, both of us well aware that “God” has hidden the Samsung till its school holidays. Still you ask me to ask Him to locate it for you.

Phones and screen time seem to give you a lobotomy.

So today without any device you survive and thrive baking a chocolate cake with γιαγια, calling me on my phone at least 6 times asking after me and before I can answer, diving right in to the issue at hand: WERE IS THE SAMSUNG, MUMMA??

By 3:30pm you’re on the phone with both me AND your dad as we drive home with the babies from Eastgardens.  We chat all the way home and sure enough the excitement to be reunited after a day apart all five of us is beautiful to experience. I come home with two placemats for you (one is the solar system the other a map of the world) and talk of Netflix ceases! You love your placemats as daddy spends the first hour with you pouring over their content.

Of course you get your treat – a Netflix movie “Over the Hedge” just when you forget all about watching one. That’s how good you are learning about the 79 moons of Jupiter.