15-09-16 Parisian Pals

Thursday 15th September 2016

Kingsley and I are off to Paris next week! Last time I visited the City of Lights was three years ago as a pregnant tourist walking around the Tour Eiffel with friend Kym, and her infant, Natan, still in his bassinet. My friendship with Kym deserves this reunion, and our boys deserve to know and play with each other (last time we saw them was two years ago, when as a family the Guitards stayed with us in Dubai.)

Moreover, Kym is pregnant with baby number two, Lilly, and I have loads of infant clothes to give, as well as maternity wear and books. All morning Kym and I have been writing and Skyping with our plans: flights, arrivals, trains, accommodation, ideas for play dates. My son will be unruly and wild, I warn Kym. Great, she answers; for once it Natan won’t be the chaotic one at a get together. We both laugh. I’d pour Kym a wine but it’s strictly herbal teas for this pregnant girlfriend.

My Parisian pal is just as excited for a reunion as this Dubai resident. One week from now, Paris here we come…