29-08-20 Twins: Waverley Oval

Saturday 29th August 2020

A good decent amount of sleep in the car after Kingsley’s tennis class means the babies are in a great mood when they finally wake as we arrive at Waverley Oval for a Playdate. Its the jiu-jitsu crew: Lawrence, Mikayla & Antony, Kingsley with his Tiny Tree Houses to swap.

The minute the babies are out of the car and awake Mikayla takes over looking after them. Mainly Elektra to be honest who reaches up to be led about the playground by her. Keanu is a wild brumby crashing about and following the big boys.

All that playing gets to the babies who grow hungry. My Thermos full of cheesy pasta is a hit their mouths opening like baby chicks do when their mumma birds arrive with cheeks full of worms.

Again tonight after a long shower the babies pile into my bed leaving Kings to be pampered one on one with daddy. The babies fuss, roll about the bed, Keanu is a wiggly worm, Elektra the Princess and the pea every tiny thing irritating her. I just SHUSH! them loudly and startle them into quiet to finally pass out. Bliss!