07-09-16 Birthday Month

Wednesday 7th September 2016

We continue the tradition of celebrating your birthday month, each month. Nothing like the festival of the day you were born, Kingsley. I still get goosebumps from knowing, from being conscience of, the delightful pregnancy to our child and that day on the seventh of December 2013 when he was born at the steady surgeon’s hands of Christian Jozse.

Today was family day. All day the three of us mooching indoors. We of course make life a riot even within the walls of our apartment. The water is forever flowing be it in the bath or on the balconies where, just like every other day, I douse you with bucket after bucket of water.

Toilet training is going well. You prefer to wee on the balcony or on the tiles throughout the apartment. That potty Vicki Matheson bought me for your baby shower you seem to ignore now or perhaps you are bored with it. And the odd time you do a wee on the toilet has us clapping and cheering like you (we) won gold at Olympics.

Language – speaking and comprehension in both Greek and English – is truly impressive. I feel as your Greek speaking Mummá to be letting you down in delivering a more fluent language to you. I wish now I learned the language better, for your sake, child.

I very much look forward to this month with you darling. It marks exactly a year and a half out of paid employment, and following every fiber in my body: to rear you. Best job in the world! And by Jove it pays dividends.

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