Ch. 26: Hey Sugar!

Mmmm…sugar. Just so tempting when it is bundled up in attractive packaging: colourful bite-sized, chewy pieces, flavourings of “raspberry” and “pineapple” and “fruit salad” devised to make the punter eat more and more. Its not that I crave refined sugary treats; its more that I cannot control myself when packets of deliciousness are delivered to my office from well-meaning colleagues. I have been known to consume two thirds of a packet in one sitting. Succumbing to the lure and promise of  sugar occurs whenever I’m feeling stressed, overworked, hormonal, emotional (constantly these days).

Raiding the candy cupboard at the office: 23 weeks along

Raiding the candy cupboard at the office: 23 weeks along

The “quick” energy claim the sugar pushers talk about? Pah! You see refined sugar is not digested in the mouth or the stomach but passes directly to the lower intestines and thence to the bloodstream. The extra speed with which sucrose enters the bloodstream does more harm than good. And boy do I feel its effects when I overdose (term not used in jest): the sweats, alternating cold/hot, jittery, eyelids fluttering, the shakes, faint, very poorly.

So having alarmed my doctor on a) my rapid weight gain, and b) this desire to eat sugar-loaded treats, I am ordered to take a third glucose tolerance test. Her concern for me is that uncontrolled diabetes during pregnancy could lead to problems for the Seahorse such as breathing difficulties, jaundice, and later in life, an increased risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Oh and a very large sized child to push out…

Results of the glucose tolerance test in a few days. And in the meantime, no lollies…


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