Full Time Mumma: Day 16: Processed Food

Thursday 19th February 2015

So yesterday I was gloating publicly about how I feed my son wholesome, home cooked meals; thick and hearty stews that take in all the food groups. Oh yeas, what a conscious parent I must be. Well today I cut some corners…and fed Kingsley processed, pre-packaged readymade meals that are sold in plastic pouches on supermarket shelves.

You see Erroll came home from a layover in Dallas, with a trunkload of infant foods: baby cereal, oats, rice snacks, macaroni, and these sweet looking squeezable pouches called ‘Ella’s Kitchen’. Kingsley tells me that they are delicious and that I must not beat myself up for feeding him the smooth goo, for he loves the taste and the texture is just right for him. Phew…

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