Day 26: Play Dates

Saturday 12th March 2016

Thank Heavens for friends and busy schedules during periods of high anxiety. Today being the terrifying day before I get tested for pregnancy, I jammed a lot into my waking hours, mainly out of necessity lest I really lose the plot and become a dysfunctional mess. And no husband can be dealing with that, and no child wants to be around an endlessly fretting bag of neuroses.

So it’s in the kitchen for me this bright morning, on a mission to pour my efforts into less stressful pursuits that mulling over my abdomen. Both Kingsley and Erroll are the beneficiaries of my diversions: multi-layered, nutritiously sound and very tasty breakfasts I serve up before fleeing to the gentle practitioner hands of Dr. Liang. I grab a banana to go as I kiss the lads farewell.

She ought to know that tomorrow we test. Her clinical judgment is that tomorrow morning she administer a special power acupuncture session and this immediately makes me feel a little better. With my head less impacted with agitating thoughts, I rest as best I can for half an hour.

Homeward to feed the child, lay him down, get him up an hour later, dress him and catch the metro to meet Camilla and her girls for an afternoon exploring Downtown Dubai. The kidlets enjoy discovering new surrounds and us girls talk, and talk. We wander through a glorious gated precinct called Al Manzil, hop on the Downtown Trolley, saunter about the shops and call it a day at 6pm.

Everyone but me is in bed. It’s now 11:30pm and stupidly I stay up researching what would be the reasons I am experiencing mild cramps in my abdomen. As if all those faceless, nameless women on fertility forums can tell me. But daft me still reads on and doubtless I heap misery onto my madness. The relaxed nature of today, with the click of Google, is wiped.

Tomorrow of course I report to the clinic. But in the meantime I will stay up and look at these sweet toddlers of ours, at large on their play date…