20-09-20 Kingsley: Big Sunday

Sunday 20th September 2020

This kid doesn’t rest. Not on Sundays anyway. Our agenda is packed today and even though I’ve a low grade headache because of the chronic RUSH we’re a family bonded by activities and the joy of moving our butts.

So on for this rainy morning is Kingsley’s final rugby league game for the season. The sky pisses down with rain but the game is not called off. The kids love running shout Hefron Oval in the mud anyhow and the surprise at the end of the game makes me gag: chicken twisties. The condition of consumption is that he must eat a banana. Kingsley eats afew of the radioactive pellets then chucks the rest.

We’re en route to great cuisines now – lunch with the cousins Jake, Mia avd Eva. Japanese-Lebanese-Vietnamese-Greek σούβλα fusion works delightfully and to all our tastes. Tabouleh! Chicken skewers! Rice paper rolls and sushi! Kingsley eats chook then plays non stop with his wild cousins while the twins keep tripping over doorways.

Unfortunate for Linus we must away for his second tennis tournament at Coogee. Delirious from the day he swings and serves and in the end gladly accepts the lolly bag Coach Cameron hands out to the 20 kids. More bloody lollies! Of course I force a Greek yoghurt into Linus to counteract the toxic crap. But follow up with a delicious ice cream just because I love him.