15-07-20 Twins: Oma’s Back

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Little lady does us proud by doing her business on the loo. Oma is proud as we are. Elektra of course poses after the fact. So that’s at home; clean girl. But at Bondi Junction she plops right there on the ground in the parents room! Doesn’t alert me that she must go! Straight into the sink I place her and give that girl a good hosedown.

Meanwhile Keanu is interested only in the tennis ball I found. Takes it then chucks it, I give it back and he takes it then chucks it. He’s happy to do his business in his nappy then continue playing ball. In fact while I was washing Elektra in the sink Keanu actually kicked the ball around!

At home this mid morning festivities kicked off by welcoming Oma to visit after a 6 month absence. Erroll is the uncle Tilly & Goldie love while our two babies are deeply attached to him and actually cry when he leaves the room. When he returns they clap, smile and yell ‘dad’.