16-10-19 Kingsley: Souvlaki

Wednesday 16th October 2019

These past few nights the lads grab a souvlaki for dinner. Its local, its fully Greek, its inexpensive and its tasty. Here’s how their afternoons roll: Erroll fetches Kingsley from school at around 5pm; they walk to the beach to swim and kick the ball around; the most unreliable bus service happens to be the 122 to Saronida. Today it took 40 minutes, yesterday 10 and on Monday it literally never arrived. Once on the bus, Erroll accompanies Kingsley to our playground for hours where little Nicholas found his mate Δωρόθεος after a year apart.

Kingsley’s use of Greek is improving, according to his teacher Miss Martina. She told me today at σχολικό drop off. He relishes school and enjoys the daily yellow bus experiences especially.