13-04-20 Kingsley: Giving Thanks

Monday 13th April 2020

Easter Monday, a day off work but that doesn’t really count for anything since the dreadful Covid-19 plague has stopped most enterprises from operating. Of course our family is thrilled to have Erroll here and Kingsley’s getting lots of quality moments with daddy while he’s stood down from Virgin.

I, too, grab moments with Kingsley whenever the twins are looked after by either Erroll or their γιαγιά. Today I though it important to acknowledge and give thanks to our friends who provide the loveliest gifts to Kingsley. And he knows that appreciating other’s works is tantamount to true thanks; we must show our gratitude.

And so Kingsley quite willingly today posed wearing the Under Armour athletic pants Stephanie Matis’ son gave him, and reading the books Daniela’s son Adrian passed on.