Kingsley: Ramadan Day 19

Friday 18th July

Its officially a heat wave in Dubai. Well actually, nothing out of the ordinary for the summer months we suffer here in the Middle East, but still so incredibly hot. It reached 48 degrees today while three girlfriends and I were making our way to Bab Al Shams Resort, an hour from my home and deep in the desert.

It was a rare day out just us ladies – no kids allowed (nor husbands for that matter). Friend Rio is newly married (well, 6 months ago anyway), Camilla two months ago giave birth to her second daughter, Darine four months pregnant with her second son, and me, mummabear to seven month old Kingsley. We left the kids in safe hands and took no guilt along for having done so on our long awaited and deserved road trip into the desert…to Bab Al Shams.

There we swam in the infinity pool which faces deep into the sand dunes, marveled at families of camels making their way in caravans, got massages at the spa and ate healthily at the buffet. This nineteenth day of Ramadan sure has been good for the soul.

Bubbly Shams 030

Darine at the waterfall. Beyond the pool – where you see palm trees – is the desert of Dubai.

Bubbly Shams 042

Rio whose lipstick actually melted while poolside. Well it did reach 48 degrees.

Bubbly Shams 060

Foursome eager (read: desperate) for a spa day. And we did it!


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