Coogee ’18: Friends

January – February 2018

This trip saw Kingsley truly able and willing to get along with friends both new and already featuring in his life. Everywhere we went, whether park or beach, house visiting or hosting others at Coogee, Kingsley felt confident to make friends. He knows now to ask ‘would you like to play with me?’ or ‘can I play with you?’ Invariably the answer would be YES. Once he received a NO, and looked at me confused at the word.

Once at Bardon Park he attached himself to two long-haired youth sitting on the bench.  He asked to sit with them, then engaged the red-head of the two about the dog on the leash. Winston the sheep dog became his little mate. Like a small Terrier, Kingsley seemed unaware of his true size, wanting to hang out with the big dawgs. I of course encourage all forms of courage and bravery, especially when it comes to expressing himself as a valuable fellow human, to others.