23-12-17 Family Day

Saturday 23rd December 2017

I actually understood, all morning, that today is Christmas Eve; in fact I rang Sylvia to wish her Happy Birthday (thinking its today) to which she replied (somewhat ungraciously I believed) its not today, its on Christmas. For hours I fretted about when it would be a good time to wake Erroll, and for us all to go to Baby Ruth’s place for Christmas Eve. It was only after Camilla called to plan when we’ll see one another that she set me straight; today is the 23rd.

Well YIPPEE! This means today is a lazy day; a family day. We need not leave the house. Erroll need not be roused from the bed. And Kingsley can play with his toys – any toys he wishes! – as he wishes. And that, he established before noon, would be in the nude.