17-02-17 Peppa & George

Thursday 16th February 2017

There were tears today; tears at one of his favourite destinations – the soft play area – and when with one of his favourite little people – Haarleen. It was because Peppa Pig and her brother George suddenly made an appearance at Mini Monsters and it frightened Kingsley to the core. I’ve known he’s not liked a themed mascot ever since our first trip to Disney World (completely rejecting the idea of a ‘close up photo experience’ with Aladdin and Rafiki, Timon or any of the Lion King cast).

Today we reached another level of desperate dismissal of a ‘friendly encounter’ with one of his supposedly favourite characters – Peppa. Kingsley would have none of it. Cried and thrashed away, even though I ensured we were bloodywell first in the line for the meet & greet. Even little Haarleen who is usually such a happy, compliant child, turned on her heel when she spotted the large colourful characters. Both kids fleeing in fright!

As a consequence and to get our money’s worth, I coerced Erroll into the happy family photo with Peppa and her little brother George. Through gnashing teeth Erroll grimaces for the camera, and Kingsley runs away to the soft play area. At least I am elated to be rubbing shoulders with celebrity!