05-10-19 Kingsley: Katherine’s Cuddles

Saturday 5th October 2019

Jenny So’s eldest comes over for cuddles with the babies. Katherine’s not at all interested in Kingsley who pines after her company. Nothing will sway her from feeding Elektra and hugging Keanu. No offers of icecream, cupcakes, pasta, sandwiches. Only those gold chocolate coins take her to Kingsley’s roon. There they share and even attempt to play. But its short-lived.

Kingsley wishes to impress Katherine so takes a large box of toys to show her, tipping out the ENTIRE contents on the living room floor: I’m talking hundreds of pieces. Katherine cracks up. Boys!

Later on when Jenny and Katherine are leaving I ask Kingsley to clean up the toys and no joke throws his hands up yelping ‘but i don’t know how!’ Boys!!