30-11-18 Centennial Park Picnic

Friday 30th November 2018

Today we broke the news to Oma and Aunty Mika: that we are expecting twins! Annamiek also gave us her news: she’s knocked up as well!

It all happened at Centennial Park at our family picnic. At first we all played on the swings, then moved to a picnic table where all our baked goods came out: honey sandwiches, white chocolate mud cake, vanilla cupcakes, roasted almonds. With a mouthful of cake she’s enjoying I pass Tina a card on the outside of which says ‘Congratulations’.

Finally at week 28 and a clean bill of health from our consultant we can spread the happy news that we are expecting twins! Oma, you’re about to become a granma to twins! Even Kingsley agreed pointing at my belly and declaring “mummy has two beběs inside”.

To celebrate three new lives in our family the little cousins play chasings, dodge the bicycle riders then wander down to the pond to feed the ducks, huge carp, eels and turtles. Generous older cousin, Kingsley shares his cupcake with Tilly and they happily feed the hungry wildlife till way past 5.