09-06-16 Athens Lay In

Thursday 9th June

It’s 7pm, Kingsley is passed out on the couch, after a tasty lunch of spaghetti Bol plus hot chippies, bread and watermelon. All taken with Mirella and Kingsley’s cousins. A fine and merry couple of hours. Our morning started at a sensible time, thanks to our son who does like a lie-in: 9:45am. We are all grateful he does not have an internal alarm clock. Breakfast is delicious: oranges, eggs, pear, toast, banana. A power nap after all that egg, then out we go for a walk to view mum’s tiny apartment which is in need of plenty of renovations. It’s depressing how low certain parts of Athens have fallen.

Cheering us up is an icecream on the way to the playground where we meet a Bulgarian boy who just keeps on yelling/squealing/screaming. He is either delayed in development or just plain cannot communicate as I notice his fat mum silent unless she is telling him to shut up, and this only because a neighbour up high on the 6th floor, comes out onto his verandah to YELL LOUDLY FOR THE SHITTY BULGARIAN KID TO SHIT UP ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! Don’t you KNOW ITS MIDDAY??!!!!

Off at 3pm to buy flowers for my aunties and to experience day two of incredibly Greek filoxenîa.